From sunny Southern California beaches to the spectacular Big Sur/Monterey Bay coast, beautiful Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe and famous Las Vegas, high quality, short term vacation rentals are in abundance.

Now, LSI addresses the unique coverage needs of these homes with customized ISO HO 3 coverages and sophisticated pricing that recognizes the vastly different exposures and levels of risk management found with this type of residential property.   (Similar HO 6 program is available for Vacation Rental Condos)

Limits: $350,000 Minimum Dwelling to $10,000,000 total Section I

Deductibles: Minimum $1,000 Premium credits are available for optional higher deductibles

Management Credit/Surcharges

Unique pricing is based on level of professional management services provided under contract with licensed and insured property management companies.

Eligible properties must be managed by a licensed and insured professional management company.

CreditsWe offer 15 different credits that recognize the unique and often exceptional risk management qualities of these homes.

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